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A collab. Decided that plot is UNCARED for. It'll follow a story line, but barely.



Bubbles is RAGE. For a few reasons.

Reason numero UNO!!! They are making a High School Musical MANGA O______________O could you believe this atrocity? I don't want to, but I saw it with my own two eyes. It's horror. It's awful. And potentially hazardous to Disney. I fear they will be MOBBED by an angry crowd of savage people and some possible animals. Some people will like it, true facts... Yeah so converse on THAT topic ;]

Numero Dos!! People don't draw nipples anymore. Do they not exist on your papel?! NIPPLES EXIST!!! As much as I love boobs(for those who don't know I say that alot) it's REALLY disturbing to see a picture of a woman (or man) without nipples. Check yourself, you have nipples right? You see manly nipples on the beach? DRAW THEMMMMMM!!! >8[

Number Three! My art teacher is a bitch and doesn't like me. Her personal feelings towards me (and other people she dislikes) are affecting my grade. She is I take that back RAPIDLY stealing my creative juices. I don't want to draw anymore. Do you know how horrible of a feeling that is? To NOT want to draw? I tell you it's terrible. That and every time I do try to draw there's this little whore called "ARTIST BLOCK" punching me in the face.

On a good note: Life is good. Friends are fun. I am passing my classes (I have straight C's it's smexy). AND My birthday is coming up. Saint Patricks day people, wear your green haha. March 17th WOOOOOO

Rage is out =]

posted by Bubblesita @ March 6th, 2010, 2:36 am  -  0 comments

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